Responsible Advertising Means Leaving Algorithms Behind & Listening

Responsible Advertising Means Leaving Algorithms Behind & Listening

Warning! We’re about to go digital TreeHugger here so please bear with us. First a question: when was the last time you really connected with nature and tried to, say, watch a patch of grass grow? Unless you regularly hang with a 4 & under crowd (or an overzealous mower) your answer is most likely, “well ma’am it’s certainly been a while” or “uh…never”.

But if asked when the last time you checked your smartphone, ipad, linkedin, instagram, facebook page or searched google-bing-yahoo-youtube-etc. for anything, your response would probably be just a few seconds, minutes or hours ago.

That’s because watching grass grow involves patiently whiling away hour upon hour in close proximity to a lot of static foliage. While the latter is a constantly streaming world of downloadable innovation designed to be instantly gratifying, seriously addictive and highly entertaining – as well as an absolute godsend for businesses like 350 Media.

However, without a hand to program or guide them, sophisticated data algorithms are nothing more than precision drill bits in a tool box. So at 350 Media we are always mindful of our motto Business & Nature In Balance. For instance:

We love digital data and stats: With an audience of 10 million unique visitors and 40+ premier eco-media sites (b2b and b2c), 350 Media’s enterprise-level ad server is capable of handling hundreds of millions of ad impressions – as well as geo-targeting a visitor on an iPhone in Los Angeles, Boston, New York or Mumbai.

However, best-in-class targeting and tracking capabilities won’t get you the CTR rates, landing page traffic or ROI you’re seeking if 350 Media’s team doesn’t actually listen to your business’ unique green advertising goals and budgetary needs – then continuously monitor and communicate throughout your campaign’s duration.

350 Media’s CEO is a HUGE digital media geek who has been building environmental digital media platforms since 1998 (long before it was cool to do so). So believe us when we tell you, we’re wholeheartedly invested in the idea that green advertising and digital media used in tandem is an incredibly powerful tool.

But the bottom line is we must also consciously connect with each other – and Mama Earth’s intricate web of ecosystems – every day. Because it’s those connections that can still inspire the massive  economical, cultural and political solutions needed to get us back down to 350 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere. (…warned you we were digital TreeHuggers. Peace be with you!)

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