Rocket Science It’s Not: Quality Green Advertising Supports Quality Eco-Media

Rocket Science It’s Not: Quality Green Advertising Supports Quality Eco-Media

There is nothing worse than coming across a vibrant, green living website with a giant tar sands ad on the home page. Think this is a rare occurrence? Think again. Worse yet, publishers eeking out a living by promoting important environmental news or LOHAS awareness are likely getting paid ridiculously low CPM rates whilst unknowingly displaying these anti-environmental ads.

It’s a sickening reality when you become aware that this type of ad is actually competing with all of the hard work that went into curating important environmental editorial content —  and all they had to do was to target a reader through Google AdSense for less than the cost of a Starbucks coffee per thousand impressions.

That’s why, much like the pop icons who unwittingly become role models to millions of impressionable fans, it’s the responsibility of businesses targeting aspirational green consumers and eco-b2b crowds to consciously invest their ad dollars with qualified, high traffic eco-media sites.

It’s a simple concept but here at 350 Media we believe this type of business-to-business monetary support is absolutely critical in building a sustainable economy that enhances, rather than constantly depletes, the delicate ecosystems here on earth.

From a business perspective it’s actually an optimal position since eco-endemic advertising often results in higher click-through rates. It also helps reinforce a company’s reputation as a fully vested, environmentally Responsible Business practicing the grassroots philosophy of working together to overcome adversity (in this case, averting a climate catastrophe by continuing business as usual).

Ad professionals love to debate the pros and cons of green marketing. But the simple fact is that quality advertising works. Period. Consciously and subconsciously readers are influenced by the ads on a site in the same way they are influenced by the quality of the editorial content.

However, ads being showcased must be useful, relevant, current and look good. They should provide a quality experience and, above all, they should complement the content. Easier said than done in the expansive green space? Not at all.

350 Media’s green ad network is designed specifically to support both conscientious advertisers looking to reach a qualified green audience – and the publishers and bloggers working hard to curate high quality environmental content.

We’ve compiled a network of 35+ eco-media sites to help streamline the process – which means you can target a campaign across multiple sites with a single ad buy – and support the important environmental conversations happening about:

| Clean Tech | Climate Change | Energy Efficiency | Green Building | Organic Food & Natural Lifestyle | Renewable Energy | Sustainability & Education |

Ultimately, it’s not rocket science that’s needed to build a thriving green economy … it’s cooperation between businesses, and a much more conscious approach to allocating the annual advertising budget.

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