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350 Media Launches Charitable Impressions

350 Media Launches Charitable Impressions

Harrisville, NH – It is with great excitement, and a true honor for the 350 Media staff, to announce the launch of Charitable Impressions. Before we get to the details of the program however, we’d like to take a moment to introduce the 2013 beneficiaries of Charitable Impressions.

In our humble opinion, these organizations are some of the very finest nonprofits on the planet – run by the very best activists and environmentalists humanity has to offer:

1% for the Planet
charity: water
Green America
Forest Stewardship Council
National Resources Defense Council
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Sierra Club
Solar Electric Light Fund

So we’ve announced the launch. We’ve announced the recipients. But what is the program exactly, and what does it mean for your company when you purchase ads via the 350 Media network? Well, it’s a simple concept with really big rewards for all involved.

For every ad order placed with 350 Media, we match the number of impressions and gift them to this well-deserving group so that their ads can run – free of charge – across 350 Media’s network of 30+ green focused publishing websites throughout 2013.

“It’s an incredible moment for us here at 350 Media,” said Founder & President Oliver Strube. “Each of these charities tirelessly champions on behalf of the planet and its inhabitants, often encountering huge financial and political obstacles and in some cases, risking their own lives. Yet they persevere, and because of this I continue to have hope that a healthy planet remains an attainable goal.”

In addition, the benefit to publishers in the 350 Media network is seeing remnant inventory filled with great ads that match the crucial environmental conversations they are constantly facilitating with their editorial. It also puts a tiny smile (OK, maybe that smile is quite large) on our faces when we get to say goodbye to all those non environmental furniture ads and very nasty Tar Sand ads that slip in through google adsense.

350 Media is incredibly proud to support these amazing nonprofit organizations as we continue in our mission to connect green-minded publishers with qualified advertisers through an exclusively eco-focused, full service advertising network.

To learn more about advertising with 350 Media, or Charitable Impressions, call 650-933-4950 or request access to our Media Kit via the contact form.

“The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment, not the other way around.”
-Senator Gaylord Nelson (quote taken from 1% for the Planet website)

*Please Note: Participation in this program by any organization mentioned above does not necessarily imply and should not be construed as an endorsement of 350 Media.
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